Basement Waterproofing


Whether you’re refurbishing an already used basement dwelling or wish to convert an old cellar or basement. The use of a cavity drain membrane system is the ultimate solution to provide a dry living space below ground.

The cavity drainage system of Tanking uses a high density studded plastic membrane to act as a protective dry lining barrier to walls and floors with an air gap behind. This achieves a dry surface to which plaster or plasterboard can be directly applied without affecting the loads (water pressure) of the walls or floors.

A drainage channel is cut in at the base of all perimeter walls to allow moisture build-up behind the membrane to easily drain away. During the course of a specialist survey the need for any additional drainage systems would be assessed.

For the system to work under severe water ingress it is essential that the cavity drains to a suitable point (sump) where water can be removed.

Penetrating Damp

Cavity drain membranes can also be used to create a ventilated dry lining system to walls of solid or single leaf construction, alternatively where walls are severely affected by rising damp or salt contamination. Used on this construction where water penetration is unlikely, can be installed without provision for drainage systems.

Tanking Systems

Other forms of Tanking are available, such as cementitious slurry or bitumastic paints where low risk damp penetration is present. This would be assessed during the course of one our specialist surveys.

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